Plan and optimize your on-demand services

HASTUS-OnDemand is a software solution designed to help you provide high-quality service while controlling costs.

Delivering high-quality services

HASTUS-OnDemand facilitates incorporating fixed-route services into on-demand trips. It also enables fully automated scheduling and continuous resource optimization.

HASTUS-OnDemand considers each customer’s mobility profile to propose appropriate trips:

  • On-demand, door-to-door
  • Multimodal, combining on-demand and fixed-route services

Manage the eligibility and registration process

Monitor service in real time

Manage multiple providers, including billing

Book by app

The SelfBooking+ mobile is available for iOS and Android. It allows customers to manage their trips.

Book a trip in advance or the same day

Display the vehicle’s location on its way to the pickup

Receive notifications the day before, the same day, and individual/general messages

Manage trips efficiently

The SelfBooking Web site enables customers and booking agents to manage occasional or recurring trips. Recurring trips can be suspended, for example, during the school holidays.


Create and manage multimodal trips

Reduce call-center response times

Offer your customers a Web application based on responsive design principles

Transform big data into optimized datasets

You can use historical operating data to produce reports and dashboards for your KPIs. Implementing a Business Intelligence solution enables you to identify opportunities for cost reduction, service-quality improvement and more robust operations.

Manage scenarios for a variety of contract terms

Calculate approximate waiting times, trip durations and vehicle productivity

Determine fleet size and vehicle types

Using GIRO’s software to better adjust resources to demand and improve performance and efficiency, STM reduced the average cost per trip while maintaining 93% customer satisfaction.

A. Rochon, Head of Planning, Projects and Business Strategies
STM’s Transport Adapté (paratransit in Montréal)

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