Review your network

The map-based network-design tools in HASTUS enable public transit planners to easily create or modify routes, which are obtained directly from scheduling data.

Overview of the HASTUS planning platform

You can evaluate how well service meets demand and compare scenarios to redesign your public transit network and provide the mobility solutions that customers expect now and for the future.

Analyze travel-time impacts of a project 

You can import origin/destination-based demand data to compare passenger travel paths on the current and proposed networks.

Calibrate the generalized travel time based on walking, transfer and mode factors

View the distribution of O/D pairs on your networks as well as the resulting travel times, transfers and load profiles

Better assess the impacts of a project on customers and use dashboards to present findings to stakeholders

Make processes more efficient

The HASTUS planning platform is a proven solution, specifically developed for public transit needs in collaboration with industry leaders.

HASTUS is an integrated solution. No more miscommunication, so you can make smarter decisions, faster

Base your network designs on existing scheduling data, while working in an environment tailored to your needs

Let schedulers see the basis for your decisions, which facilitates taking them into account for future service changes

Improve service quality with industry-leading optimizers

HASTUS enables you to create an optimal timetable, balancing service quality and vehicle/rolling stock requirements.

Determine the best service levels by route and segment based on ridership, service guidelines and available resources

Optimize connectivity while maintaining existing service levels to lower costs and improve service quality

Establish run times by analyzing observed values from AVL and APC systems and comparing them with current planned values

LA Metro's NextGen Project and the role of HASTUS

Learn how Los Angeles is carrying out a major redesign of the public transit network.

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