Plan sustainable solutions

Rely on GeoRoute's powerful optimizers to process big data and extract value from it.

Long-term strategic planning

GeoRoute provides a complete set of automatic and manual features to create mail or parcel routes. You can define an unlimited number of tactical plans or patterns.

Plan at street or address level according to the product’s high/low hit rate (Mail/Parcels)

Evaluate territories using historical data for highly variable products

Simulate higher/lower volumes, or the introduction of new products or services

Define a production calendar indicating which planned scenario(s) to apply on each day

Support the creation of product-specific or combined routes

Feature-rich solution

Our configurable algorithms take into account vehicle types, various delivery modes – such as park & loop – time constraints, and your other particular needs.

Use comprehensive GIS features to manage road networks, addresses, postal locations, background maps, etc.


Account for community boxes, self-service pickup stations, and retrieval counters in route optimization


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