Surging demand for last-mile pickups and deliveries calls for dynamic solutions 

Every day, Swiss Post must create routes for up to 4,000 products within one hour, mixing pickup and delivery orders with time-window delivery products. 

Swiss Post’s main aim in acquiring GeoRoute was to satisfy customers’ expectations while lowering last-mile costs. 

How did GeoRoute help? 

GeoRoute creates operational efficiencies from dynamic routing: planning required resources; creating/optimizing routes automatically; sequencing pre-planned routes; inserting late-arriving products and new pickup orders; and giving estimated times of arrival. 


About Swiss Post

  • Owned by the Swiss Confederation, providing postal, express delivery and related logistics services 

  • Parcels processed in Switzerland rose by 9 M units in 2018 alone 

  • Customer satisfaction of 83% in 2017 maintained in 2018 



Cost reduction on the last mile for evening deliveries


Cost reduction on the last mile for Saturday deliveries


Parcels processed in 2018


Objective: meeting customers’ expectations for new products

Saturday-, Grocery- and Evening-Delivery products

Realize synergies and savings from combining evening/Saturday mail pickups with time-window-delivery products

Use dynamic routing to reduce costs

GeoRoute’s dynamic-routing solution chosen for automated processes

Sequencing existing routes

Creating entirely new routes

Accounting for parcel data received only hours before vehicle leaves depot

Last-mile costs reduced within first year of deployment

6% for evening deliveries 

18% for Saturday deliveries

Operational efficiencies enable effective same-day deliveries and last-mile pickups/deliveries

Planning required resources

Inserting late-arriving products and new pickups

We needed to be able to create routes for up to 4,000 products within one hour per depot, with pickup and delivery orders included. We are very satisfied with the operational savings achieved by the introduction of dynamic routing with GeoRoute.

Luc Demierre, Solution Designer
Post CH AG