Efficiency is the key to urban innovation

GIRO is transforming the landscape of public transport and postal services around the world.
Our HASTUS and GeoRoute software products optimize these services in more than 28 countries.



  • In-depth knowledge of challenges faced by public transport and postal services

  • Over 40 years of experience in the field

  • Integration of best practices worldwide


  • More than 30% of our resources dedicated to R&D

  • Close relationships with universities and research centres

  • Co-innovation with our clients

Culture of collaboration

  • Collaboration among teams and with clients is in our DNA

  • “Outside-in” approach to solution design and development

  • New ideas/solutions developed with clients and validated by groups of users around the world


transit and postal agencies


countries in which we operate




vehicles benefit from HASTUS


postal carriers benefit from GeoRoute


years of innovation

Meet our management team

Our story

GIRO was founded in the 1970s through the work of Jean-Yves Blais, a student at the Université de Montréal, and his professor Jean-Marc Rousseau. Focusing on the task of public transportation schedules, the two founders developed expertise in operational research and modelling. Their work paved the way for the creation of HASTUS and GeoRoute.

Our values


Offer quality products and services thanks to our unique know-how


Take your goals to heart and invest fully in the success of your projects


Share our expertise with you to create the best solutions for your needs

Long-term vision

Base our business relations on an honest approach and sustainable solutions

Our community involvement

Encouraging responsible transportation

We subsidize public transportation for our employees and the students at Vanguard, a school specializing in children with learning disabilities


Supporting students’ success

We support Les Scientifines, an organization that promotes science and technology to girls from low socio-economic backgrounds

Building unifying living environments

We support the United Way in its mission to break the cycle of poverty and social exclusion

Our awards and recognition

Individual Leadership Award for Excellence – Charles Fleurent (CUTA), 2021

First Place Award, Railway Innovation (AQTr), 2018

Desjardins Entrepreneurs Award, International Commerce Category, 2016

Recognition Award, Work-Life Balance, Montreal region, 2015

Finalist, AQT Vision PDG Award, 2015

Finalist, Grand Prize for Excellence in Transport, International category, 2014


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