The public transportation operator Rodap, based in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, is completing its deployment of GIRO’s HASTUS software. Rodap selected HASTUS to increase its productivity. Advanced training sessions and software calibration having been completed, the system is now available for Rodap’s schedulers to begin working with it to produce optimized vehicle and crew schedules.


“We are very impressed with the cost savings that HASTUS is able to produce – they are well beyond our initial expectations,” stated Alexander Antônio Silveira, Planning Manager at Rodap. “The solution is highly flexible, which enables us to quickly explore various scenarios when building our vehicle and crew schedules and ensure robust, valid solutions for our drivers.”


“Rodap’s team was exceptionally well prepared and very proactive during the system implementation,” added Renée Touzin, Senior Director, Public Transport, at GIRO. “This was clearly a key factor in the success of their implementation and we congratulate the team on a job well done.”


As the fourth site where HASTUS has been implemented in Brazil, the Rodap project further demonstrates the suitability of the HASTUS solution for the Brazilian market. Rodap uses advanced vehicle- and crew-scheduling methods, including mid-day parking locations and complex rules to construct the drivers’ work schedules. With the software’s comprehensive and flexible tools, Rodap can, for example, experiment with different weighting of rules, to improve the quality of the solution while minimizing costs.

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