SNCB has renewed its confidence in GIRO’s solutions for rail planning, scheduling and operations management by deciding to upgrade SNCB’s HASTUS software installation. The decision by the Belgian national railway comes after determining that the innovations available in HASTUS represented the best options to meet the evolving needs of its passenger rail services.

SNCB has been using a range of HASTUS modules since 2010 to optimize scheduling and daily operations of its 3,000 train managers, and will now benefit from the latest HASTUS features and enhancements, designed to increase flexibility for service adjustments, heighten operational efficiency and robustness, and better equip on-board staff to ensure service quality.

“To SNCB, the HASTUS solution has been providing essential tools for many years to ensure that our services run well,” said Dries Lagast, Senior Workforce Manager at SNCB. “By modernizing our HASTUS installation, SNCB expects the software’s robustness and optimization capabilities to be at the heart of more integrated and dynamic resource management, to support our goal of being the obvious choice for convenient, sustainable mobility in Belgium.”

Adopting the new version of HASTUS represents a significant modernization of SNCB’s capabilities for planning, making service adjustments, and managing its 3,000 train managers. The upgrade adds the most recent innovations from GIRO’s continuous R&D efforts to the software’s tried-and-tested optimization tools for passenger rail.

“We appreciate the renewed confidence in GIRO shown by SNCB’s decision to proceed with this HASTUS upgrade,” said Alexandre Savard, GIRO’s Director, Business Development – Rail. “The upgrade will give SNCB the benefit of a modern, robust, flexible platform that they can rely on to underpin their current and future operations.”

On the way. To better. SNCB, the passenger rail operator in Belgium, wants to be the obvious choice for comfortable, sustainable mobility in Belgium. Our goal: satisfied customers who see the train as an obvious solution for their mobility needs. As one of the largest employers in Belgium and a key player in mobility, SNCB continues to invest in customer-oriented, punctual, safe, and comfortable transport. SNCB teams work every day to ensure user-friendly, functional stations, facilitate intermodal connections, maintain and renew trains, and bring passengers reliably to their destinations. Every day, they put the customer first.

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