Having already established their collaboration on the RATP Group’s bus and tram networks, the software maker GIRO and the RATP Group are now extending their collaboration to the Paris metro. Selected as the result of an international call for tender, GIRO’s HASTUS software solution will enable optimizing workforce rostering for metro drivers in the French capital. The RATP Group operates one of the densest multimodal networks in the world.

The project will have HASTUS replacing several different applications, with the objective of optimizing the workforce-management functions at the heart of RATP Group’s daily operations on the metro. With HASTUS, the world-renowned Parisian transit operator will acquire the benefit of high-performance integrated tools to offer more responsiveness and flexibility to its 3,000 drivers in building their work schedules. This project will enable the driving staff to reap the benefits of a significant innovation in how their work activities are managed.

Public transport is transforming rapidly, as is our workforce,” stated Anne Sarmant, SICOMORE Project Leader at the RATP Group. “It is essential that we equip ourselves with flexible tools that support our digital transformation and the evolution of our processes. We are convinced that the teams at GIRO will listen to our needs and understand them. They are working with us towards the same goal, an innovative urban-mobility service offer supported by our greatest strength and most precious resource, the women and men at the Group.”

GIRO is proud to be expanding our collaboration with the RATP Group,” added Jean Aubin, GIRO’s President and CEO. “Our teams have established a close working relationship. From designing the service offer on the bus and tram networks to daily workforce management on the metro, we are working side-by-side with the RATP Group more than ever to support them in meeting the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s urban mobility.

GIRO is a world leader in software solutions for passenger rail planning and operations. The HASTUS software suite is relied on by major rail operators, including MTA in New York, KCS in Greater Boston, Queensland Rail in Australia, and SNCF in France.

With 16 million trips each day worldwide, the RATP Group is a global leader in urban mobility. Present in 13 countries across four continents through its subsidiary RATP DEV, the Group operates daily eight modes of transport (metro, urban and interurban buses, tram, rail, sightseeing, cable transport, maritime shuttles, and transport on demand). It is also present in partnership in other modes across the whole new-mobility chain (autonomous shuttles, self-service electric scooters, carpooling, car sharing, and smart, connected parking).

Renowned for its expertise both in infrastructure management and engineering, the Group also offers through its subsidiaries a broad array of urban services in real-estate engineering and management, operation of retail spaces, fibre optics, personalized passenger information or innovative ticketing solutions. In the Paris region, the RATP Group has been operating one of the densest multimodal networks in the world for more than 70 years.

Through its 65,000 associates, the RATP Group designs, implements and daily brings to life mobility solutions and innovative services for a sustainable and more human city.

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