As the result of an international RFP process, GVB, the public transport provider in and around Amsterdam, has selected GIRO’s HASTUS software to support all its processes for planning, scheduling and operations, and the integration of electric buses into its fleet.

GVB has close to 5,000 employees and operates 203 buses, 200 trams, 90 metro trains, and 18 ferries. The network carries an average of 875,000 passengers a day, with peaks of up to a million passengers. As Amsterdam’s population continues to grow, and as the city continues to be a magnet for international tourism, GVB is positioning itself to carry a million passengers per day on a regular basis.

GVB intends to continue meeting and exceeding the expectations of its principal stakeholders: passengers, the Amsterdam Transport Region and the Municipality of Amsterdam. It must therefore be equipped to respond to the rapid changes in how people move about in the city.

To support achieving its strategic objectives, the company has chosen to install HASTUS, with an array of modules to cover network and service planning, crew and vehicle scheduling, and operations management.

“We are glad that GVB has concluded that HASTUS is the fully integrated, multimodal solution best suited to GVB’s needs,” said Huguette Benoit, GIRO’s Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. “We look forward to a long-term relationship supporting GVB in meeting and surpassing its goals and the expectations of its stakeholders.”

HASTUS is widely deployed in the Netherlands. The installation for GVB in the Dutch capital will be the eighth HASTUS installation in the country.


Photo credit: GVB/Gé Dubbelman

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