MVG (Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft), Germany’s second-largest municipal transport operator, has chosen GIRO’s HASTUS software solution to support its vehicle scheduling, runcutting and rostering activities. What convinced MVG, the mobility subsidiary of Stadtwerke München (SWM), following its call for tenders was HASTUS’ advanced and flexible optimization capabilities.

MVG keeps the bustling Bavarian capital moving by placing a heavy focus on resource-allocation optimization in accordance with accepted business practices. GIRO’s teams met these needs with strong proofs-of-concept that intensively tested the application’s powerful algorithms and flexibility. HASTUS also showed its worth as the best solution to support and manage service adjustments to respond to changes in ridership. After visiting several HASTUS installations, MVG also saw that joining the ranks of HASTUS users would enable it to tap into a vast community of knowledge and best practices.

MVG operates a multimodal network consisting of 580 buses, 100 tram sets and 90 metro sets at peak time. The Munich-based company serves an area of nearly 450 km2 and carries over 600 million passengers per year. It is currently working on the ambitious goal of significantly increasing the modal share of public transport.

“MVG is at a turning point,” said Ralf Willrett, Head of SWM’s Mobility Division and Managing Director of MVG. “By positioning ourselves at the heart of Munich’s urban mobility and economic development, we cement our commitment to offer reliable transport solutions. We’re confident that with HASTUS, we have an effective solution that will support us in achieving our objectives.”

“GIRO is delighted to be supporting MVG,” said Jean Aubin, GIRO’s President and CEO. “Germany is known for its unique competitive landscape of local, well-established, highly capable vendors of planning and scheduling solutions. This new relationship will further strengthen HASTUS’ presence in Germany and we look forward to a lasting partnership with MVG.”

With MVG’s adoption of HASTUS, GIRO’s solution is now being used by 3 of the 4 largest cities in Germany, including at Hamburger Hochbahn AG (Hamburg) and RVK (Cologne).

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