The HASTUS software installation has been upgraded and expanded at the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (Metro). GIRO’s software has been used by Metro since 2014 to optimize crew and vehicle scheduling for Metrorail passenger services. The 2022 version of HASTUS provided an upgrade to Metro along with additional modules to manage Metrorail’s daily operations. The previous solutions for bus scheduling and operations on the Metrobus network are also being replaced by HASTUS.

“Metrorail has been a major client for our HASTUS rail solutions since 2014,” said Robert Victor, GIRO’s Vice President – HASTUS, for North America and Australia. “We appreciate having had the opportunity to demonstrate through a proof of concept that HASTUS can help Metro achieve important efficiencies for Metrobus as well. We’re also excited about the contribution that the HASTUS tools for electric-bus scheduling and operations can make towards planning and executing the transition to a zero-emission fleet.”

HASTUS is already being utilized by Metro for runtime analysis, optimizing vehicle scheduling, and run-cutting to create workdays for the train operators. The software has also been supporting operators bidding online for their workdays, and supervisors confirming, modifying and/or entering operators’ bids.

The upgrade to the new version of HASTUS will allow Metro to benefit from the latest advancements in GIRO’s industry-leading optimization algorithms. Implementing the daily-operations modules for rail will add functionalities for managing performance and daily service, and the new HASTUS installation for Metrobus will ensure that Metro’s rail and bus services will be optimizing their effective use of resources with the same comprehensive transit scheduling and operations application.

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (Metro) provides rail, bus and paratransit service to a 1,500-square-mile area with a population of approximately 4 million that includes Washington, DC, and surrounding jurisdictions in Maryland and Virginia. Today, Metrorail serves 91 stations and has 117 miles of track. Metrobus serves the nation's capital 24 hours a day, seven days a week with 1,500 buses. Metro began its paratransit service, MetroAccess, in 1994; it provides about 2.3 million trips per year.

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