The 2019 edition of the HASTUS European/Nordic countries User Group meeting was held on September 16–18 in Hamburg, Germany. This edition was the largest to date: 165 public transport experts from 42 agencies in 10 countries took part in more than 30 sessions with close to 30 presenters.

Every two years, this meeting provides the opportunity for participants to discuss best practices in using HASTUS and learn more about current developments. This year, for the first time, the HASTUS User Groups mobile app gave users and GIRO experts even more scope to interact.


“10 would be my score for usefulness of attending the User Group (on a scale of 1 to 5!). Beyond any doubt the best seminar I have attended since the UG of 2017! Thanks.”

“Very well organized, interesting topics and plenty of time for discussion.”

“It is always useful to attend, but even more when you are in an upgrade project or training of any kind. This year it put the focus on GIRO's way of working with us. And it is also important in helping to bring more knowledge back to our leaders.”

“Very positive vibe, one big family.”


The public transport agency hosting the event was Hamburg’s HOCHBAHN, represented by Claudia Güsken – COO/CHRO, and Christian Mildner – Head of Metro IT, who addressed the opening session. Participants also benefited from the expertise of Yvan Strubbe – Program Manager at De Lijn, and Bert Steur – Scheduling Expert at Transdev, in their presentations to different sessions.

“The User Group is an unmissable opportunity for our clients and GIRO’s experts,” said David Fabi – Vice President, Development and Technology, at GIRO. “It is always very enjoyable getting together to discuss something that we are all passionate about: public transport and how it is evolving. There couldn’t be a more relevant topic! We are all very aware that, together, we have great things to accomplish.”

The 2019 edition ended on a high note, as HASTUS users and GIRO experts celebrated GIRO’s 40th anniversary.

Up next: the 2019 edition of the European Francophone User Group in Nice, France, at the end of November.

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