An industry in transformation

Putting in place modern, efficient rail networks that meet passengers’ needs requires outstanding service to be provided at the least cost with limited resources.

Adapting to rapid transformation in the mobility landscape

Changing travel patterns and fluctuating demand make planning the service offer increasingly complicated

Planning resources efficiently

Optimized planning of your infrastructure, rolling stock and staffing needs is a constant puzzle

Providing the best possible service within increasing constraints

Sophisticated support for decision-making is required to ensure high service quality while respecting rules and constraints


Our HASTUS software is at the heart of the operations of more than 100 rail providers

We are all around the world, supporting urban, regional and national rail networks.

  • Transport planning
  • Timetabling
  • Rolling stock management
  • Optimizing track capacity
  • Managing service changes
  • And much more

Our solution's main benefits

Breaking down silos between planning and operations

The impact of planned changes on operations can be seen immediately

Robust planning and proven optimization of resources

Ensure that transport plans take account of the complexity of service delivery within applicable constraints

Efficient daily management of resources

Supports decision-making on the day of operations for service disruptions and to manage employee assignments

Ease of integration with other systems

Enables reliable exchanges of data with other internal and third-party systems

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