Making transport accessible for everyone

New service models based on flexibility and inclusiveness allow greater autonomy for all.

Make travel easier

Give passengers up-to-date, practical technology to book trips and receive real-time information

Provide inclusive, multimodal solutions

Broaden your service offer and make your network more accessible

Reduce costs while maintaining high-quality service

Optimize your operations to keep costs down despite rising demand

Manage a range of service providers

Use the right tools to maintain your service quality, while reducing costs

A solution designed for large-scale operations

Our HASTUS software gives you the tools to manage effective paratransit and general on-demand transport services

Two of the five largest paratransit operations in North America use the HASTUS-OnDemand tools to deliver high-quality service while controlling operating costs.

  • Trip booking
  • Supplier management
  • Multimodal service
  • Optimization in advance and on the day of operation
  • Invoicing/reporting
  • And much more...

Our solution’s main benefits

Centralized customer management

Manage everything from confirming eligibility to booking trips, matching each customer to the appropriate mode and carrier

Real-time changes and adjustments

Feasibility of bookings is validated continuously; trips are moved automatically to improve run efficiency

Managing multiple service providers

For each trip request, the carrier with the lowest marginal cost is selected

Evaluating new scenarios

Design and test new concepts for on-demand services

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