As you integrate electric buses, you need new ways of working to keep your fleet efficient and sustainable. We help you streamline and optimize every step of the electric fleet transition process, from scheduling and vehicle deployment to fleet management and maintenance.

Explore what-if scenarios

Explore a broad range of scenarios based on different electric-bus types, charging stations, weather, route topology and operating conditions

Optimize scheduling

Charging activities impact upon vehicle and crew schedules. Optimized scheduling requires you to consider charging times and locations, along with vehicle range

Operate efficiently

Adopt new approaches to vehicle assignments, dispatching and yard management, to cope with range constraints and daily changes

Proven tools for electric-bus scheduling/operations

Our HASTUS software solution provides the most advanced features to optimize electric-bus scheduling and operations.

Used by large public transport agencies that are pioneering the move to electric buses, it has proven its performance and reliability.

  • Mixed-fleet scheduling, using multiple recharging technologies
  • Charging-station capacity management
  • Visual tracking of the state of charge
  • Depot parking and charging processes
  • And much more


Our solution’s main benefits

Robust scheduling

Provides advanced and robust scheduling features

Proven optimization

For quicker and better solutions to the electric-bus equation

Efficient operations

Mix of decision-making tools to promote efficiency and service quality


Continuous advancements to meet the challenges of a public-transport future shaped by electric buses

Learn more about our HASTUS software solution

Some of our clients using HASTUS to manage their electric buses

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