Make the best daily decisions for operations

The HASTUS operations modules facilitate the employee bid process and managing changes to planned service.

Streamline bid processes

HASTUS allows reducing the costs of overseeing the process. It also ensures that information is valid.

All roles and quotas are respected. Information is centralized and updated in real time

Increase employee satisfaction by giving employees the convenience of entering their choices from any location with internet access

Generate reports when choices are approved to get an overall perspective

Get workforce planning right

From managing day-to-day public transport operations to handling assignment changes, HASTUS-DailyCrew ensures you always have the right people with the right skills at the right time.

Quickly identify impacts of service disruptions and last-minute changes

Perform continuous, detailed timekeeping calculations for each employee to ensure payroll accuracy

Efficiently manage leaves and absences while respecting rules and quotas

Optimize yard management

The YardAssistant environment, part of HASTUS-DailyVehicle, helps you manage your vehicles within your depots, from their locations to their assignments.

Take account of maintenance activities to optimize vehicle assignments

Optimize parking spots, especially for electric buses

Supports touch-screen interactions

Optimizing a maintenance plan is a complex endeavour.
Discover a successful approach established in collaboration with a client in France.

Manage daily dispatch

DispatchAssistant, part of HASTUS-DailyCrew, gives dispatchers modern, user-friendly tools to ensure all service is covered and runs smoothly on the day of operations.

Highlights what tasks require immediate action

Shows available employees and assignment details with sign-in/sign-out information

Lets you manage last-minute changes, such as vehicle breakdowns or operators being late

Keep staff informed and engaged

HASTUS-SelfService provides a secure and convenient way of exchanging information between employees and dispatchers from anywhere with a Web connection, promoting work-life balance and employee engagement.

Staff can make absence and vacation requests, or volunteer for overtime work

Organize work and vacation exchanges, while ensuring respect of applicable rules

Communicate assignment changes to employees

Manage the complexities of passenger rail

HASTUS provides modules and functionalities specifically for the complexities of rail operations, whether for advance planning or in the control room on the day of operations.

Assign work to employees while ensuring respect of applicable rules

Assign trains to service, taking account of service requirements, constraints and maintenance

More easily relieve staff affected by changes or disruptions

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