The tools in HASTUS are very powerful and flexible. Are you always getting the most out of them? In this session, we will explore various vehicle and crew scheduling use cases where revisiting how HASTUS tools are used may make all the difference.

Main topic

- Optimizing vehicle and crew scheduling


Webinar for
HASTUS clients


1 hour 30 minutes


- Presentation
- Q&A

Let's talk HASTUS! -
Virtual world tour

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Your presenters

Simon Fortier

Account Manager

Simon has been deploying his diverse skill set at GIRO since joining in 2010. Initially a Project Manager, his experience in engineering and applied sciences – not to mention the Royal Canadian Navy – meant that tackling the most complex HASTUS projects across a range of territories held no fears for him! In 2015, he transitioned to account management, first for the North American market and then exclusively for European accounts. As an Account Manager, his professionalism as well as unique interpersonal, presentation and language skills are appreciated by clients and prospects alike.

Anica Bergner

Account Manager

When your background is in urban/regional development and traffic analysis, the public transport industry is a perfect fit. No wonder Anica joined GIRO in 2017 as our local contributor to HASTUS projects in Germany. She has since taken on the role of Account Manager, the better to advise our clients and prospects on their choice of HASTUS solutions.

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