High-quality service starts with planning – especially in challenging times. Hear from agencies like yours how they’ve used NetPlan to their advantage for long-term network adjustments or to meet recent challenges. And GIRO’s experts will lead you through various ways that NetPlan helps you make the right plans and put them into practice.


Quickly evaluating a project with NetPlan

Thursday, September 29 | 9:0010:15 AM

Whether you're a planner, scheduler, IT expert or dispatcher, you might be wondering about NetPlan: is it as easy as we say it is?

Come see for yourself! We'll let you see how quickly you can create a new network concept and evaluate its cost and impact on passengers.

And if you're a planner who already uses NetPlan, come and help out your fellow users; you might even learn a few new tricks!


Respecting the spirit of Title 6 and social justice

Thursday, September 29 | 10:45–11:45 AM

In the USA, the equity (Title 6) impact of proposed changes has been calculated in a standardized way for decades. Based mostly on quantifying trips and service-hours, this method has many shortcomings. For example, it would mean that canceling a route in a disadvantaged area that doesn't actually take people to their preferred destinations, and replacing it by a route with less frequency that takes them where they want to go, would be seen as disadvantaging the community, when in fact it does the opposite.

Learn how different agencies around the globe are measuring equity when designing their transit networks, what their challenges and solutions are, and how tools in HASTUS can help you communicate the true equity impacts of your proposed projects.


Transitioning from planning to scheduling

Thursday, September 29 | 1:15–2:15 PM

How do you transition from planning to scheduling? What level of detail do planners go into when designing a project? How do they evaluate costs? How do they pass their work on to schedulers when the project is approved and must be put in production?

Whether you use NetPlan or other tools, we (and your fellow HASTUS users) would love to hear how all this works in your agency, or how it is coordinated between the authority and the operators. Listen to presentations from other users and join in by sharing your own tips and challenges.


NetPlan in action: agencies share their experiences

Thursday, September 29 | 2:30–3:30 PM

Find out from agencies like yours what they've been doing with NetPlan. Learn from real-life examples how NetPlan can help achieve your goals, from everyday planning work to designing, evaluating and optimizing different network scenarios.


How to evaluate and communicate the impacts of a project on riders

Friday, September 30 | 9:15–10:15 AM

Discover how, based on an origin-destination matrix, you can compare passengers' journeys on the current and planned networks to evaluate and communicate how the proposed changes will affect them.

Also learn how GIRO and exo partnered to develop a multimodal customer-impact simulator to assess how park-and-ride usage will change with the arrival of a new light rail service.

Program session names, descriptions and schedule are preliminary. More details to come.

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