Come discover ways of working and new HASTUS features that help you get the job done, from bid processes to yard management, and more. Making daily operations run smoothly is what these sessions are all about.


Navigating smoothly through the day of operations with DispatchAssistant

Wednesday, September 28 | 11:00 AM–12:00 PM

Discover the latest features in DispatchAssistant, to manage drivers on the day of operations with a new Web-based user interface.


Web bidding: how to get union buy-in

Wednesday, September 28 | 1:30–2:30 PM

Discover how some agencies successfully managed bid-process changes and how HASTUS and BidWeb can help every step of the way.


Next-generation mixed-fleet yard management

Thursday, September 29 | 9:00–10:15 AM

Get acquainted with the upcoming Web-based user interface for YardAssistant. You'll also discover how PlanBus can optimize vehicle assignments for garages with constraints and with e-bus fleets.


Bidding/picking: how BidWeb handles all your processes

Thursday, September 29 | 10:45–11:45 AM

With actual implementation examples, learn how Bid and BidWeb help you handle all your pick processes: cafeteria or roster-style, system picks, division picks, annual vacations, hybrid bidding, etc.


New features and innovative approaches for the whole driver-assignment cycle

Thursday, September 29 | 2:30–3:30 PM

From planning to the day of operations, driver assignments involve a series of processes: assigning off-days first, considering employee preferences or not, assigning reserve/extra drivers, and so on. Discover how we improved DailyCrew to make your processes smoother, and how some agencies are optimizing assignments with PlanCrew. We'll also show you the positive impact this can have on recruitment and retention.


Improving workforce management thanks to absenteeism data

Thursday, September 29 | 3:45–4:45 PM

We'll share ways to manage the workforce and absenteeism in different markets, from planning to operations, and we'd love to hear your own experiences. You'll also learn how researchers at MIT used historical data to improve absenteeism predictions.


Interactive tools to involve drivers in operations management

Friday, September 30 | 9:15–10:15 AM

Discover tools that let you involve drivers and increase employee satisfaction while streamlining and optimizing daily-operations processes.

Program session names, descriptions and schedule are preliminary. More details to come.

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