These are the sessions that kick off and wrap up HASTUS International User Group 2022, as well as highlighting different topics that you’ll want to learn more about, no matter what department you’re in.


Words of welcome, presentations by clients, and what's new at GIRO

Wednesday, September 28 | 9:00–10:30 AM

This session brings everyone together with words of welcome from GIRO and our host, PAAC. You'll see presentations from fellow HASTUS users on their special HASTUS projects and hot topics for public transport, and we'll share the latest news from GIRO.


AI and HASTUS algorithms

Wednesday, September 28 | 1:30–2:30 PM

Hear about the latest enhancements to HASTUS algorithms and how they integrate AI/Deep Learning techniques.


E-bus challenges and opportunities

Wednesday, September 28 | 2:45–3:45 PM

Discover how agencies like yours are transitioning to electric buses and dealing with their impacts throughout the organization. Hear about their successes and challenges, exciting new technologies, and change-management strategies.


Meet and greet

Wednesday, September 28 | 4:00–5:00 PM

Come and meet the GIRO team to socialize, ask questions, and share your feedback. We’ll all be looking forward to talking with you!


Coping with the workforce shortage

Thursday, September 29 | 1:152:15 PM

Operator recruitment and retention were already getting harder and the pandemic hasn't helped. Come and share the strategies that you're considering or have already put in place to meet this challenge.


Lessons learned from fast-track projects and iterative deliveries

Thursday, September 29 | 3:454:45 PM

Learn how HASTUS users like you have benefited from innovative fast-track and iterative-delivery approaches to their projects to improve delivery quality and speed. You'll also see how the recent advancements in remote technology are helping put these benefits within everyone's reach.


What's coming up in HASTUS

Friday, September 30 | 10:4512:00 PM

Discover what's coming up in HASTUS in the next few years. We'll share our vision and discuss your priorities. We'd love to get your feedback and to know if there are any developments you'd like to collaborate on.


Closing remarks and plenary session

Friday, September 30 | 1:303:00 PM



Technical visit

Friday, September 30 | 9:1512:00 PM

Program session names, descriptions and schedule are preliminary. More details to come.

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