Rail operations regularly experience changes in schedules, in no small part due to infrastructure maintenance. But sometimes more fundamental external causes may have a significant impact on ridership and service. Contingency plans may be put into action, and your use of HASTUS may play an important role. In this session we will discuss various rail-specific use cases along with examples of adjustments that can be applied in HASTUS.

Main topic

- Rail scheduling and operations


Webinar for
HASTUS clients


1 hour 30 minutes


- Presentation
- Q&A

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Your presenters

Jean-Marc Pennont

Product Manager

When Jean-Marc joined GIRO in 2012, he already had 7 years of varied experience in the software industry. As a HASTUS product manager focusing on rail, this range of experience helps him pull together multidisciplinary teams for product development – and keep them on track!

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