Passenger rail

HASTUS-Rail is an integrated software solution for passenger rail scheduling and operations.

Versatile tools and powerful optimizers help operators plan and manage timetables, rolling stock, and on-board and other related staff assignments.

The application makes it possible to:

  • Reduce operating costs while potentially increasing the service offering
  • Increase employee satisfaction by taking their preferences into account when building schedules and assigning work

The HASTUS scheduling tools have been demonstrated to generate savings of 2% to 5% over manual methods and competing systems.

Flexibility for schedulers

With HASTUS-Rail, schedulers can:

  • Ensure that yard and station capacity restrictions are respected
  • Manage conflicts to generate robust timetables
  • Define temporary circulation restrictions on track segments
  • Manage the impact of maintenance on track availability
  • Take expected passenger loads into account while minimizing:
    • The number of vehicle units
    • Vehicle kilometres

Trusted solution

HASTUS-Rail is used or being implemented by operators around the world, such as:

  • KCS, the commuter rail system for Greater Boston
  • MTR Express, the premium express-train service linking Stockholm and Gothenburg
  • SNCB, the Belgian national railway
  • SNCF Transilien, the passenger rail network in the Paris region
  • Queensland Rail, the regional and long-distance passenger rail operator in Queensland, Australia