On-demand and paratransit

HASTUS-OnDemand* is a proven, flexible solution for paratransit and other on-demand transport services for the general public.

Two of the five largest paratransit operations in North America use the software to deliver high-quality service while controlling operating costs.

HASTUS-OnDemand enables agencies to manage and optimize their on-demand services:

  • Customer registration
  • Eligibility process (ADA, etc.)
  • Trip booking
  • Trip scheduling
  • Service delivery
  • Customer information
  • Invoicing/Reporting

Multi-operator service provision

HASTUS-OnDemand ensures the best utilization of available capacity, reducing costs while maximizing the ability to accommodate last-minute demand.

The software can also perform dynamic generation and assignment of runs to integrated taxi services, based on vehicle availability and budget restrictions.

  • Creates the best match for the abilities and wishes of the rider with the resources available amongst all operators
  • Determines and operates the most efficient fleet mix of dedicated vehicles, accessible taxis and standard vehicles

Real-time automated changes/adjustments

Dispatchers continuously monitor and control activities on the day of operation. Real-time interfaces with various on-board vehicle systems and with taxi dispatch systems allow communicating the latest run data and any changes, as well as tracking vehicle location and route progress.

The continuous, real-time optimization processes streamline dispatchers’ tasks and increase effectiveness and efficiency with appropriate responses to service events such as cancellations, added trips and on-route delays.

Centralized customer management

From the eligibility process through to service delivery and responding to customer comments, HASTUS-OnDemand centralizes customer management to ensure effective handling of all customer interactions.

  • Stores up-to-date customer information, ensuring that specific mobility and assistance needs are always taken into account
  • Automatically matches each customer to the appropriate transportation mode and contractor at booking time
  • Allows customers to book trips and obtain trip information through a centralized customer interface: by speaking to an agent; through the Web; or using an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system
  • Can deliver real-time service notifications, including vehicle arrival and service status, to customers via Web, SMS, and IVR systems

Integration with fixed-route services

HASTUS-OnDemand facilitates incorporating fixed-route services into on-demand trips and can schedule and dispatch first/last-mile services to/from fixed-route stations.

  • Can use fixed-route information to determine if certain parts of the trip can be made with fixed-route services
  • Integrates seamlessly with IVR, email, SMS, Web applications, on-board AVL/MDT, and other systems

Evaluation of mobility scenarios and implementation of on-demand services

GIRO’s HASTUS Mobility Lab supports agencies in the implementation of new on-demand services, helping them to evaluate, design and test mobility scenarios in a safe environment. This lab utilizes the HASTUS-OnDemand solution for the proof of concept of on-demand transport offerings integrated with conventional transportation options.

  • Analyses client base and travel patterns to identify target zones for testing
  • Creates scenarios to determine appropriate fleet size and composition, operational costs, and services to outsource and keep in-house
  • With a focus group, uses proven optimization tools to apply the scenarios in an operational environment and evaluate impact on passengers

*Previously named GIRO/ACCES