Network planning

Facilitate major redesign projects or service reviews with the HASTUS network-planning software – obtaining precise estimates for your decision-making by taking advantage of existing scheduling data and optimizers in a user-friendly, map-based environment.

The HASTUS -planning tools break down data silos – it’s all about facilitating the collaboration between planners and schedulers to design optimal, high-quality transit networks for riders.

Develop and adjust networks

  • Explore various service concepts quickly
  • Estimate new travel times to major destinations
  • Obtain precise cost estimates based on timetables and blocking optimizers

Evaluate customer impacts

Using travel-demand data, the HASTUS planning platform helps you run numerous impact scenarios more efficiently and assess how they could improve punctuality and reduce overloads.

Graphically demonstrate scenario impacts at a glance: service frequency, travel times, number of transfers, ridership data, and catchment areas.

Develop new, efficient service plans

  • Optimize connectivity with our route-planning algorithms
  • Maximize resource usage
  • Create timetables balancing service quality and operational costs
  • Communicate and engage with customers through mobile applications

The HASTUS planning platform was created with input from a broad range of public transport organizations. Find out why Los Angeles Metro and more than 25 other transit agencies rely on the HASTUS planning platform to deliver high-quality service.