GeoRoute is the premier route optimization software for postal organizations and parcel companies. GIRO developed the software with input from some of the largest operators worldwide.

In addition to surpassing standard route-planning and -simulation capabilities in one integrated application, the software has been proven to: 

  • Plan indoor and outdoor work at distribution offices
  • Manage the entire workflow from tactical planning to dynamic routing using powerful manual and automated features
  • Reduce last-mile costs by up to 5% for mail delivery and 15% for vehicle-based operations, or even more


For mail operations, GeoRoute lets route planners:

  • Evaluate routes accurately using actual workloads
  • Combine collection and delivery activities in the same routes
  • Define better balanced routes and refine plans
  • Reduce route-revision times using processes and templates
  • Generate multiple “what-if” scenarios and simulations
  • Mix parcels in mail routes


For parcel operations, GeoRoute can:

  • Plan balanced territories, using historical data
  • Create dynamic routes based on actual locations to service, taking into consideration time windows, vehicle capacity and other pickup and delivery constraints
  • Provide carriers with an intuitive tablet application for route manifest, to-do lists and instructions 

Trusted solution

GeoRoute is used by some of the world’s best-performing postal operators: Royal Mail (United Kingdom), bpost (Belgium), Canada Post (Canada), La Poste (France), Deutsche Post DHL (Germany), Swiss Post (Switzerland), An Post (Ireland) and Posten (Norway).