Electric buses

Proven tools for electric-bus scheduling/operations

HASTUS electric-bus functionalities are used in production by public transport providers for efficient scheduling and operations.

Developed by GIRO with industry partners, including bus manufacturers and transit operators/authorities, these tools address the complexities of integrating electric buses into your service offer.

Explore various scenarios

Answer key pre-deployment questions:

  • Which technology to adopt?
  • How many recharging stations to install, and where?
  • Which lines to electrify first?
  • How much energy will be required?

To cover the same service, identify the best solution for your context by using the flexible HASTUS optimization tools to assess modifying certain constraints, such as recharging-station locations or vehicle range.

Schedule your electric vehicles for robust operations

Build vehicle schedules that account for vehicle range and the unavailability time that electric buses require for recharging. State-of-the-art algorithms help you schedule service and plan recharging activities to minimize resource-use and costs while ensuring a robust and operable solution.

Manage your fleet with HASTUS

  • Implement a fast/slow charging strategy to extend battery life
  • Increase vehicle availability by optimizing the periodic maintenance schedule, taking elements such as maintenance requirements and resource availability into account
  • Reduce operating costs by optimizing vehicle allocation


  • Mixed-fleet scheduling using multiple recharging technologies
  • Charging-station capacity management
  • Validations and visual tracking of charge status
  • Vehicle-schedule optimization