DRT and paratransit

GIRO/ACCES is a proven, flexible solution for paratransit and other demand-responsive transport services .

Agencies providing between 500 and 12,000 trips per day use the software to manage:

  • Customer registration
  • Eligibility process (ADA, etc.)
  • Trip booking
  • Trip scheduling
  • Service delivery
  • Customer information
  • Invoicing/Reporting

Flexible booking

Customers can book trips on line or by calling to speak to an agent. Booking confirmation and pickup time-window are provided immediately.

Seamless service delivery

GIRO/ACCES lets dispatchers continuously monitor and control run assignments and activities. Real-time interfaces with on-board computers transmit the latest run data and any changes, as well as tracking vehicle location and route progress.

The software offers the following optimization capabilities:

  • Real-time optimization of vehicle runs takes the latest information into account, including cancellations, added trips and on-route delays
  • Scheduling and routing optimizers leverage real-time connections, producing itineraries that help control operating costs
  • Optimization is self-regulated, e.g. automatically removing vehicles with a lost MDT signal until their signal is recovered

The software can also perform dynamic generation and assignment of runs to taxi providers, based on vehicle availability and budget restrictions.

GIRO/ACCES ensures the best utilization of available capacity, reducing costs while maximizing the ability to accommodate last-minute demand. 

Up-to-date customer information

Real-time service notifications, including vehicle arrival and service status notifications, can be delivered to customers via Web, SMS, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems.