HASTUS is a powerful modular solution for bus, metro (subway), tram (streetcar), and light rail scheduling and operations. Clients at over 300 sites around the world rely on the HASTUS software to manage fleets ranging from 20 to 6,500 vehicles.

HASTUS makes it possible to reduce operating costs while potentially increasing the service offering. Other benefits include increasing employee satisfaction by taking their preferences into account when building schedules and assigning work.

Planning and analysis

  • Integrated, collaborative platform from planning to runcutting
  • Network design and adjustment tools – created with input from a broad range of public transport organizations – facilitate major redesign projects or service review
  • Intuitive map-based environment lets you experiment with new service scenarios
  • Passenger-assignment tool allows planners to assess the impact of different scenarios on current and potential riders, based on O/D data
  • Industry-leading optimizers enable you to implement optimal service levels, synchronization and timetables, taking into account available resources, service guidelines and service-quality characteristics
  • Run-time and ridership data-analysis modules enable more efficient use of fleets and improved service for customers


  • HASTUS’ powerful optimizers allow you to produce efficient, cost-saving vehicle and crew schedules
  • In repeated tests, the HASTUS scheduling optimizers have produced savings ranging from 2% to 5%, and even more, compared to manual methods and competing systems

Daily operations

  • Optimize daily vehicle and employee assignments
  • Manage changes to planned service and vehicle/employee assignments, such as detours
  • Access complete and up-to-date information:
    • Key performance indicators and statistics
    • Timekeeping data for payroll
  • Use mobile and web-based applications for direct interaction with operators and other front-line personnel

Customer information

  • Detailed trip planning and stop level information accessible through:
    • Web sites and mobile devices
    • Stop posters
    • Integration with IVR systems, electronic signage and more