Expert support

GIRO’s expert staff shares a wealth of industry-specific knowledge with our public transport and postal clients worldwide. Services extend from implementation projects to consulting on the optimal use of GIRO software, to providing ad hoc advisory services.

Responding to growing challenges and change

Clients turn to GIRO for innovative solutions to challenges such as:

  • Providing service that makes the most efficient use of public funds
  • Encouraging increased ridership while deploying limited resources
  • Being an employer of choice, attracting and retaining quality staff
  • Leveraging technologies to keep pace with the growing expectations of technology-minded customers
  • Reducing environmental impacts

GIRO’s solutions also help clients respond effectively to changes in:

  • Budget constraints
  • Government regulations
  • Work rules and union agreements
  • Integration of various vendors’ technologies
  • Customer-service commitments

Targeting your needs

GIRO’s project-implementation services comprise:

  • Business-process reviews – to benchmark against industry peers and streamline workflows
  • Software specifications, configuration and adaptations – to meet site-specific operational, reporting and system-interfacing needs
  • Fine-tuning of optimizers to ensure maximum benefits
    • Reducing costs while increasing customer and employee satisfaction
  • Software testing and quality assurance
    • Focusing on site-specific configurations and modifications
  • Integration of GIRO software with other systems for a complete solution: AVL, HR, payroll, ERP, IVR, vehicle maintenance, and more
  • Training, usually provided on a “train-the-trainer” basis, and support
  • Project planning, with status and completion reports provided throughout the implementation project

Available consulting services include:

  • Enhanced deployment support if needed to supplement clients’ internal resources
    • Data development, change management and more
  • Joint innovation projects for new modules or features