Metro de Santiago partners with GIRO to improve service-planning process

Metro de Santiago
Montréal, QC,  –

GIRO and Metro de Santiago have completed a co-innovation project to develop new HASTUS software tools for service planning.

The metro operator for Chile’s capital city manages the fourth-largest metro system in the Americas in terms of passenger volume. The main criterion for Metro de Santiago’s long-term service planning is balancing the density of passengers in the metro cars between lines, in order to provide an excellent trip experience and achieve operational efficiency.

A long-standing HASTUS client for its scheduling needs, Metro de Santiago enlisted GIRO’s help to develop a software solution for service planning that would, in a first stage, integrate Metro’s current planning functionalities into HASTUS, thus improving the process.

With the new solution, planners can generate key operations variables such as the number of passengers per square metre, interval between trips, and total car-kilometres in the period analysed in order to provide decision makers with relevant information to define the metro service.

“Thanks to this innovation project with Metro de Santiago, GIRO will be able to offer all its clients new service-planning tools that have shown their merit in an operational environment,” said Benoit Lacroix, GIRO’s Director, Product Management.

About Metro de Santiago

Empresa de Transporte de Pasajeros Metro S.A. (Metro de Santiago) is responsible for operating the metro system in the Chilean capital, Santiago. More than 2 million passengers a day are transported on five metro lines. Two more lines are scheduled to be operational by December 2018. Metro de Santiago strives to offer its passengers a high-quality public transport experience that is sustainable, efficient, safe and reliable, and that adds to their quality of life.

About GIRO

GIRO Inc. makes the HASTUSTM and GeoRouteTM software solutions that are trusted worldwide for planning and managing transport-related operations. Adapted for multiple platforms, including Web-based and mobile, GIRO’s products deploy advanced operations-research optimization techniques and powerful data-management tools. Close ties with leading research institutes and universities ensure that the latest developments are constantly incorporated to provide maximum benefits.


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