GIRO marks 40 years of software innovation

40e GIRO
Montréal, QC,  –

2019 marks the 40th anniversary of GIRO Inc., maker of optimization software for the public transport and postal industries. Launched in 1979 as an offshoot from a university project in operations research, the company now employs 500 skilled and expert staff and its specialized software solutions enjoy a worldwide reputation.

Over four decades, GIRO has developed unique expertise combining computer science and advanced optimization techniques, to enable public transport agencies and postal organizations to improve service quality for their customers while optimizing their operations. The Montréal-based company now serves clients in 27 countries, thanks to its focus on the quality of its software solutions, which stems above all from the expertise and commitment of all its staff over so many years.

“GIRO is in the business of software, but first and foremost it is a company with a human touch that people want to work for and build with,” said Jean Aubin, GIRO’s President and CEO. “We are proud of growing the GIRO family every year, and having passed the 500-employee mark this year is a major milestone. It is definitely the quality of our staff that has put us where we are today.”

With 40 years of experience to build on, GIRO is looking to the future and the market challenges ahead, whether they involve integrated, tailored mobility services, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, or even postal deliveries by drone. It was particularly in anticipation of such technological changes that GIRO formalized a partnership in 2018 with the Institute for Data Valorization (IVADO). This partnership will carry out joint research projects to develop leading-edge expertise in data science and deep learning, and it further supports the company’s commitment to innovation and client satisfaction, today and tomorrow.

With long-term vision as one of its core values, the company has always had a keen focus on client relationships. It comes as no surprise that major public transport and postal organizations have been partnering with GIRO for many years and even since the very beginning, such as STM in Montréal, LA Metro in Los Angeles, MTA in New York, SBS Transit in Singapore, Deutsche Post DHL in Germany, and Canada Post. New clients around the world continue to choose GIRO’s solutions, including, most recently, SNCF and RATP in Paris.

About GIRO

GIRO Inc. makes the HASTUSTM and GeoRouteTM software solutions that are trusted worldwide for planning and managing transport-related operations. Adapted for multiple platforms, including Web-based and mobile, GIRO’s products deploy advanced operations-research optimization techniques and powerful data-management tools. Close ties with leading research institutes and universities ensure that the latest developments are constantly incorporated to provide maximum benefits.


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