GIRO awarded contract to implement its paratransit software in four Québec cities

Montréal, QC,  –

Following a public tender process, a consortium bringing together the Outaouais, Saguenay, Sherbrooke and Trois-Rivières public transit agencies (CQC) has confirmed the award of a contract to GIRO to implement a scheduling and dispatch system, an AVL/MDT system, and a passenger information system for paratransit.

“Paratransit services require rigorous planning and service delivery,” stated Dany Bélanger, Coordinator of the CQC and Head of Projects and Sustainable Development at Société de Transport de Sherbrooke. “The CQC is delighted to be associated with a partner with a solid track record in delivering projects on time and within budget.”

“We are very happy to be partnering with the CQC to implement a complete solution”, added Serge Galarneau, GIRO’s General Manager, Routing. “Faced with a constantly increasing annual number of trips, the transit agencies will be able to offer high-quality services while improving the efficient use of resources.”

The work will include replacing the agencies’ demand-responsive transportation management software with GIRO/ACCES. The software solution allows managing customer files, automating trip scheduling, and ensuring the real-time dispatch and optimization of resources as requests are received. Paratransit customers will have access to a Web site in French or English to reserve their trips more quickly and to modify the parameters of their personal account as needed. They will also be able to receive a call to inform them when the vehicle is about to arrive.

GIRO will work closely with two subcontractors, Fraxion and Enghouse, who will be responsible respectively for installing an AVL/MDT system and an interactive voice-response system. The scheduling and dispatch system will also be integrated with taxi dispatch systems. Since part of CQC’s service delivery is subcontracted to taxi companies, the participating transit agencies are looking forward to automating communications with the taxi vehicles as well as improving the management of billing.

This contract comes in addition to GIRO’s existing partnerships with the paratransit services of the three largest cities in Canada.

About the CQC

The consortium brings together the OutaouaisSaguenaySherbrooke and Trois-Rivières paratransit services in Québec, Canada. The agencies chose to come together to benefit from a cutting-edge solution and minimize each agency’s investment while taking their specific characteristics into account and maintaining their autonomy with regard to the choice of options. The participating agencies currently provide paratransit service to 12,449 customers and handle on average 3,000 reservations per day.

About GIRO

GIRO Inc. makes the HASTUSTM and GeoRouteTM software solutions that are trusted worldwide for planning and managing transport-related operations. Adapted for multiple platforms, including Web-based and mobile, GIRO’s products deploy advanced operations-research optimization techniques and powerful data-management tools. Close ties with leading research institutes and universities ensure that the latest developments are constantly incorporated to provide maximum benefits.


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