GIRO’s software-development philosophy emphasizes:

  • Well-defined methodology
  • An integrated set of tools offering productivity and standardization features
  • Short development iterations
  • Formal architecture and design specifications
  • Systematic coding “walkthrough” reviews

A common database and set of Web services ensure the consistency of the entire software suite across all access modes: mobile devices, Web, and desktop.

Desktop modules are powerful 64-bit Windows applications, complemented by highly functional yet simple-to-use Web applications and mobile apps.

GIRO’s integrated software suite provides the right tools to each type of user:

  • Planners
  • Managers
  • Front-line supervisors and personnel
  • Our clients’ customers

The highly scalable architecture successfully supports organizations of all sizes.

We also offer tools that integrate GIRO's applications with in-house and third-party systems, enabling accurate real-time information exchanges. These tools and our open-data policy allow the integration of our products with other applications including, among many others:

  • GIS
  • ERP
  • HR
  • AVL
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Electronic fare box and ticketing
  • Passenger counting
  • Timetable publishing
  • Customer information 

Quality Assurance (QA)

GIRO’s dedicated Quality Assurance (QA) team works closely with the development, project, and help-desk teams to monitor quality and test new software developments continuously.

The QA team carries out daily automated regression testing of the development and client versions as well as integration testing of client versions.

To improve our key process areas, our continuous improvement program is based on best practices as defined in:

  • CMMI® model
  • PMI® guidelines
  • ITIL® reference models