Our values

Our corporate culture grew from a visionary business model and today rests on a solid foundation. Our pride in our culture is reflected in the company’s values which guide us in our day-to-day work.

Expertise, inspired alliance of skills and experience, by relying on knowledge and know-how, continuously renewed through development, and the sharing of understanding.

  • Strive for excellence in our field of competence
  • Learn from others and share our knowledge
  • Combine quality of work and efficiency

Commitment, a guarantee of success for our employees, clients, and partners, by taking an active part in a project’s success, because our contribution makes a difference.

  • Succeed while seeking employees’, clients’, and partners’ satisfaction
  • Contribute to an environment that promotes learning and professional development
  • Show the flexibility required to balance individual and collective needs

Collaboration, through our combined strengths, by providing a dynamic environment in which employees, clients, and partners evolve and arrive at common solutions.

  • Build synergies by pooling our ideas and our expertise
  • Develop and maintain a friendly work environment that is rich in human interactions
  • Show support, good citizenship, and respect

Long term vision, for sustainability, by measuring the impact of our actions and our decisions for today and tomorrow.

  • Propose innovative ideas that keep our products at the forefront
  • Take initiatives and anticipate risks
  • Act honestly and demonstrate integrity in the development and management of our business relationships